“The Other Side Of Goodluck”


Deadlock at a filling station without fuel.

This is a great achievement of a great leader. The thing is, we have had the greatest fuel economy in the world befitting our nation as a leading oil producer. Kudos to GEJ led presidency. What a pity he could’t come back. Thank you our dear President. Never mind the yoruba adage which says a ‘liar is also a thief’

Don’t even mind those crying for asset declaration. What you declared six years ago is still valid today. Afterall nothing have CHANGED.

Image source: Information Nigeria

“The Garbage Men”


That’s what the crops of outgoing politician are. There was a popular adage here in the olden days “when a stranger is about to leave, he pass excreta into a plate”.

For the fact that they are leaving, utility is non functional, refuse are not promptly cleared, fuel scarcity, backlog of civil servant’s salary unpaid, so much debt incurred, and they will still arogantly say they have kept their electoral promises.

Late maetro Fela Anikulapo Kuti says “for the country of the blind, one eyed man is the king”. We need to shine our eyes.

“How To Industrialise Nigeria”

Moving around Nigeria has opened my eyes to different sentiment and seriousness of leadership in various places I have lived. One undisputed fact is that unemployment is very high in Nigeria. How do we create job to keep our youth engaged?

Our education system make employee out of anyone that passes through it instead of breeding entrepreneur. National Youth Service Corps, NYSC has two to three batches of legion of corper coming into labour market. Greater number of which has no guarrantee of securing job.

Internet has created ample enterpreneurship opportunities but yet to be tapped into by the majority of our youth who thinks internet is just to socialize.

Gone are the days when we have technical schools. We hear of public and private partnership policy that only consider large scale industries many of which have closed down. The policy seem to have completely neglected the partnership with small scale concerns.

The small scale industries is the bedrock of industrialization in a developing economy like ours. The federal government need to get it right that small scale is the greater option of industrialising Nigeria. Small and Medium industries, SMI have capacity to create job in any economy.

Many nigerians doesn’t have patience of going through productive ventures. So they resolved to buying and selling. Nigeria enviroment is naturally difficult to making success out of productive ventures, everyone looks out for the quickest way to requip the return on investment. For several years now large scale industries have continue to close down. Examples are Dunlop Tyres, Michelin Tyres and pocket of textile industries in the far north.

When we talk about empowement, politiicisation and greed had made nonsense of the policy.  As it’s used to be! A young man or woman is enrolled as an apprentice for six month or a year, after which a machine or two, a small generator and some other small items like scissors etc are provided to the trainee graduate. But many times , in a short while, those things are sold out. The reasons for that are many, among, eagerness to make quick money, the knowledge is for service, not for manufacturing, half of the fund for such empowerment would have been embezelled.

What do we need to do?
Government should now focus on those who have put sustantial time to their vocation. Probably create a bureau or a center. Those who have put ten or more years in their vocation should be asked to bring what they have on the table.

After thorough examination, such people should be given adequate assistance in finance and marketing and to aid their gradual expansion from one level to the other.

“The Impact Of Social Media: Nigeria Electiion 2015 And Beyond”


Nigeria Election 2015 had come and gone, but the role of social media before, during and after the election can not be played down.

Those that knows its value embrace and run with it. But those that don’t still looked at it as a child play.

Internet and social media will change the way we run things in Nigeria. The media will be used by the new in-coming government to strenghten the system.

“Storm Weathering:Have No End”

Since there are
Time and season.
Due time wiil
Take its course.

No matter how
Hard a man walks
Like a man on the line,
The step will be one
At a time.

No matter how hard
A man walk,
If its not yet time!
Its not yet time.

Unless the short cut
Which have a bigger
Price to be paid.

Man have the choice
To make a choice.
But strong belief
System make the choice
To be clear in pursuant
Of destiny goal.

Is anything good
Comes easy? No
But Divine promise
Never late or fail.

Despite the terrain
Laid with uncertainty
In numerous shape and sizes.

One thing that is clear!
Our source is not a failure.
You are not a failure
Until you start to
Seeing yourself so.

Brace up,
It’s never over till
It’s over.

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