“Content Marketing” is all about being creative” TARA HUNT(follow her on Linkedin).
Humility,hunger,curiosity and ability to be eager to learn will make anyone a good content marketer. Outside of the fact that making use of “keyword research” is very important. It is so, because the people you are trying to reach out to has language you must master before you can effectively communicate with them.

It is also important that you need to study hard by digging deep, come up with something thought provoking. At that stage, you begin to wonder if your content will see the light of the day and where the idea will spring out from. Likewise you really cannot be sure of what will work until you start to develop the flow of mind needed for content writing.

You also need to color you content with emotion for it to have wider appeal and most importantly, the benefit your audience will derive.”Value”, the purpose of content is about building relationship steadily and patiently.