To renew is painful but necessary to effect a positive and long lasting change. Eagle is a unique bird amoung others. It has a lifespan of 70 to 80 years to live but at mid~point of those years, it must go through painful renew process. Without which the only option available is death without reaching its peak.

Eagle goes into a seclution to do this. This is similar to a life of man when going through crusible. It is a passage that is not if, but when it has to be passed through. Such challenging period is a testing of FAITH period. The state of man’s mind at such time may have a profound effect on the outcome. That is, mindset. This must be gaurded jelously. There must be clarity of purpose coupled with passion to achieve the set goals

Yoruda people popular adage says “whoever would like to lick the honey from depth of the rock should not mind the shapness of the axe”
Gold become beautiful and attractive after passing through furnace fire.