I am Akeem Bhadmus. Blog’s name is Akeem54. Got started several months back and it was overwhelming. Yet I am determined to make success out of it. Embarked on serious learning from with its help(support) platform.

I am quite aware making success out of blogosphere require seeking adequate knowledge, how it could be done. The team of engineers in the house at wordpress are ever ready to assist, including feelers from social media sources

Blog is made for self expression. Blogger,s thought is openly expressed through documented content that could be valuable to the entire community of online entreprenuer. I am passionate about adequately utilizing all available tools such as theme, plugins, widgets, cookies etc that are there to encourage every bloggers.

Why all these…..?
To create mastery in internet marketing. Sourcing the answers to ‘how to’ and ‘why’, learning how to establish a good and lasting relationship through content marketing to sustain online network business, self development projects, learning and teaching the nitty gritty to up and coming entreprenuer.

Outside these, fashion blogging on african apparell to celebrate the colours and the beauty of such collections is another good reason. The community is wide and open. It is readily helpful. Full of experiences that can be beneficial to the young and upcoming bloggers. I am sure that tapping into the pool of that experience will encourage sustainability

Another area that can facilitate success is provision of budget. Very essential.
Blogging is a serious and lucrative business, in fact the best there can be. All what is required is adequate commitment of TIME initially to learn the rudiment patiently to build great network. Embarking


on a journey of pleasant lifetime from nothing to dumbfounding greatness. I believe any sane person should desire that. But you need a strong and living FAITH.