Integral part of Digital Age is Self Development Indusries. Encompassing  products such as e books, dvd, video and audio recording and downloading. Services and training on ‘Keyword Research, Copywritting, Content Marketing, Landing Page, e mail list building, facebook prospecting. These development will never be restricted but instead, will constanly be updating.

That it why it is MANDATORY for you to be part of the phenomenon. Because of ignorance or lack of interest, great number of people refuse to embrace the opportunity. Some refuse to take risk to avoid failure, the reality of life is, FAILURE cannot be avoided. It is either you are failing forward or backward.

“What you need online is on the net”

For those that are willing and ready to embrace the POSSIBILITY (GOD’s nature), these are few steps you need to take:~
*Purchase a smart phone. Everything is going mobile. (On the go).
* Get internet connectivity.
*Take time to learn online. Learning is profitable.
*Create some social media account, such as facebool, twitter, googe+,linkedin etc.
*Develop interest to learn. It is fundermental to your success.
* You need investment of TIME. Learning from digital enviroment require a great deal of time.

Don’t be in a hurry to get rich. If you do, the smart guys will take advantage of you. Learn randomly, with time you’ll know what interest you most and that would probably be your niche. Forbes Global Business and Finance 1998! Published this…..”Thanks to the Internet, small niche companies can reach mass markets in a heartbeat.” In a jiffy.

Be proactive online. It is a life changer.
Would you want your life better in every area? If yes. Then, you must be prepare to SOLVE other people’s PROBLEMS. In doing so, yours will be solved as well. Knowledge acquired will equip you to adding value to market place.
Learning leads to teaching. Teaching leads to learning, sort of roundtripping.

“A Teacher is a Leader, a Leader is a Teacher”
At this point, teaching must be package both for free and for profit. The business end is where the selling start but in a way won’t


look like you are selling.