REACHING OUT A MUST… to hero..Day 7

So many things bothered my mind on effective ways of communication. But the strongest of all is how would I relate with the people online. Thanks to wordpress and other stuffs on social media.

A friend of mine said sometime ago ‘what you tweet is you’ and I think it applies to blogging too. I can say that ” your blog is you” and you endavour to know what your audience want to hear for effective interaction. This I have learnt and would like to follow to the letter. To be seen and accepted. There is issue of attitude and disposition onine. Am I humble enough to learn more even when reprimanded. For example I mistakenly click on someone ‘like’ to my post. I got a knock on the head by wordpress saying am vain  in liking my post, and that did  I think the post is about me?. My response was wow. Whatever it take takes, I am ready for long blogging ride