Change would come when it would and like the popular saying, ‘ a sane man would not stand in front of moving electric train’. The wisdom is to stay at the station to hop in and enjoy the speed. Rollercoasting so to say.

The world has gone digitally mobile. So, where do I and you fit into this?. The fact of the matter is if anyone is out of it, you’re heading to the last class citizenship. Making oneself globally irrelivant packed aside till eternity comes.

A former Nigerian Vice President. Alhaji Atiku Abubakar attested to the power and influence of social media and how like a “Village Headmaster”, it does streamline our behavioral tendency. And you know the funniest thing? It’s the younger generation that put most of us through and show us the way to utilize these life changing tools for making positive impacts to the society we found ourselves in.

With your smart phone, bank’s e~ banking token and wallet carrying your cash in cards, you are on the go.