Keempres: Welcome to this fresh blog. How.                How had it been?

Keem: Thank you for bringing me in. Well! so to say, quite an experience.

Keempres: How?

Keem: In a way it was very unclear but now it so appealing. Everything is fixing well into a big picture that it is, it’s getting interesting by day.

Keempres: when did the blog set up?

Keem: The blog was set up by a young friend at my request while he was showing me how to operate my laptop. Went through tutorial for several months and eventually got my bearing by last quarter of the year.

Keempres: when exacly the turning point to your frequent blogging?.

Keem: last week of Dec 2013 and pronto.zero to hero 30 day blogging challenge landed and I said this is it!

Keempres: Has it made any impact on you?

Keem: It has given me a better understanding that blogging is not just about writting post and publishing but it encompasses greater level of interaction with other bloggers and within blogosphere.

Keempres: What would you like to add as we round up?

Keem: It has established a fact that blogging, I have settled with and will enjoy every minute of it as long as I breadth fresh air.