“Daily Prompt: Your Days are Numbered”

It means to number ones day. On our relationship with God and man, our love life.lifetime significant achievement within specific time frame. Setting goal and target to getting to a better level of life.

Couple of years back, i attained 26 years. I thought I had come of age so I had to celebrate it big by having a party and a good one. Incidentally it had been the only birthday celebration I have ever had till date. It was a time of big value for Nigerian currency, Naira compared to present day.

No matter how young or old one is, the age is just a number and whatever the level of achievement. One must keep on striving to get better at self actualisation and the grace made available to man per time.

There are time and there are season. Achievement come at due season. It is never too late for anyone to attain a greater height. Be you in 20s,50s or more. You are not a failure until self admittance.

Internet has changed the world digitally, and that is just about number.http://wp.me/p23sd-hCA