“Daily Prompt: Obstacle Course”

Money, money, money. Sometimes funny and unavailable when it’s most needed. I have been outsourcing in my fashion business over some months since I got wired to blog life.

I had to do this because learning takes a whole chunk of time. TIME is a big investment when it comes to online activities.

The priority factor. Blogging is now my topmost priority. Outsourcing on other thing is a way of operating a system without my direct involvement. So to say.

Adequate money is needed to oil that system to keep the body and soul together. On marketing of those products, will need to find a way around it by allowing others to do the job.

A big reality that confronted me is, there is no way I can be involved the way I used to be before and expect to get to the level I so much desire in the blog world.

It’s not as if success is so far away but adequate time is required to know all the fundermentals that take you enroute to that dreamland. The philosophy of life achievement is the more you can see it, you can touch it and that’s I intend doing.http://wp.me/prtsd-hCC pingback