“Daily Prompt: Write Here, Write Now”

Today has come with lot of excitement, hope and aspiration of bright , fulfilling tomorrow. As far as we continue to search by faith all things will be settled irrespective of what it look like now.

I am a firm believer in the promise of God that He is already granted. We just need to be strong in faith for us to be able to get to the promise land.

Today is here and by the grace of God, our tomorrow is sure to manifest with colours and speed. Children of God must believe that life and achievement is by grace. And “where there is grace, there is glory and where there is glory, there is manifestation of the sons of God”.

Ours is just to belief. The doer never sleep, never late and never fail. He is the porter’s hand that continue to make greater things better to best. If only we can believe, “All things are possible”.

Whatever it is that we desire, God is bringing it and handling it over to us on a plattter of gold. What can a man do on his own?. Nothing. Man cannot go too far except by the grace he’s granted. Let us all connect to the throne of grace with boldness to manifest as the sons of God which we are. http://wp.me/p23sd-hHr