leadership by Proxy


I discover to my amazement that internet marketing has a specific standard to follow. Especially email marketing. From content to landing page! So much promptness to take action even if you are not ready. A student who goes to sit for examination without adequate preparation will fail woefully.

The question is! What is the expense of “plug and play” when you hardly know enough of what is needed to form the basis of your learning structure?

Why shouldn’t I take my time to learn and steadily grow into it? Learning to be established for sustainability. There is so much hullabaloo about making money online, though true but the most important benefit is the educational value that cannot be quantified.

You can get to the very top but adequate knowledge is required to be established as an authority. I always advice myself, ‘ there is a rule to the game. Learn it and learn it hard’. It is me and only me to build my life to the fullest. I strongly advice any newbie to go everywhere and learn everywhere online. Many things that doesn’t have meaning initially with time will begin to be clear to your understanding. Decision taken at that time is backed with some level of know how. The risk is reduced to bearest minimum.