“Action Speak Volume”

“The thought become thing, the thing become tangible”. When the mind has acquired knowledge neccessary as the structural foundation to a successful business exploit online, taking ACTION is basically the next thing. It requires movement physically or otherwise.


You must move or rather walk into the opportunity that is visible or the one that you are aware of. The more the knowledge of it that you have, the more the commitment of getting things done by taking action.

The question is, eventually when the money staart to come, through which channel do you access it?. If you are in Nigeria. You need domiciliary account and in addition, have online account like Payza. Get your social media tools and your blog in place.

The real action is the creation and curation of contents consistently. These you will know how through research. During zero to hero 30 days better bloggers challenge. I found out to my amazement that even in the west, there are greater number of people who are yet to do anything about being a blogger. Most early blogger here were born abroad.

The good news is that internet is waiting for you to nurture you to be an active participant. You need to try it for real.