“Take A Piece Of Me With You”


I may not be too good at this. In fact I don’t know if am good at it at all. The realisation drives me hard to want to write more, learn more, think more, feel more, look more, sense more, do everything that comes my way more. Befriend more, respect more, sympathize more, give more, love more, understand more becaause every time you go away, I want you to take a piece of me with you. This feeling is synonymous with heart of giving.

Before writting become fun, the writer would have passed through some unpleasantness typical of life itself as a passage. No matter how hard a time or situation happen to be, it is just temporal. That is why we need one another both in good time and in hard time.

Bob Gedolf gathered great artists together to perform at Live Aid concert some years back. Two concerts across the globe that happened simultaneously. Greats like Micheal Jackson, Quincy Jones, Bob Dylan, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Dianna Rose, Patti La belle and others where “We Are The World” birthed. On the other side, Bob Gedolf, U2 and others held forth where this track came to be ” every time you go away, you take a piece of me with you”!

As online writer, what we are simply saying to the readers is everytime it comes your way, take a piece of it with you. Every writer out there is with his or her own uniqueness and message, toil to put back into the pool of content where we all take. Life is all about giving and sharing. So that it will be a better place for all of us. Take a piece of me with you. FASHION WITHOUT SEASON

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