“The Gong And The Fountain”

Calabar is a beautiful city, lies by the extreme of eastern part of Nigeria known aas South South. It has so many first among being the first capital city of Nigeria. A coastal town among the first to welcome colonial missionary. A slave trade route

A leading tourist destination. Formerly a


town where a missionary white lady had to diplomatically influence abolition of killing of twins by tradional native authority who then see twin birth as a taboo. She worked very hard to see an end to twins killing.

The city hosts the yearly acclaimed African biggest street party “Calabar Carnival” that climaxed 32 days Chritmas Festival all through December of every year. The name Calabar means…..Come And Live And Be At Rest.


The city features so many artistic structures all over different spots of the city. The GONG was strategically errected at 11\11 rouadabout and it commanded so much attention. You can’t approach the roundabout without a focus on it.

The CHANGE came and swept it into a corner. Pronto, the Water Fountain replaced the gong at the roundabout and takes away the prominence. That’s what change does. It bring irrelivance to one and add prominence to the other.

Life is all about being proactive in everything we do. We need to plan so that we can get along life fine. In our planning and action, failure will manifest but passion and zeal we have for whatever our calling is will keeps us going in facing those challenges. Never give up, life is worth living and worth living well. There is hope if you strongly believe that you can and you will. Keep going at it.


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