“Weekly Writing Challenge:Object”


Right behind me is Mary Slessor statue atop roundabout. A road named after her. This woman fought for the abolition of killing of twins in Calabar.

Like the WordPress popular saying, ‘we all have several reasons why we blog’. One vocal point is making imposibility possible. I was watching Karmal Ravikant video recently. He made a strong statement that stuck with me. “If something scares you, there is something magical on the other side of it”. If only you can take the risk to take step. He continue to say ” success has its dark side” but having fullfillment is the most desirable thing.

The great thing that is binding the world together today is Sharing. The focus should be on the process not the outcome. Who do you become in the process?.

When we talk of entrepreneurship, we should be thinking of self expression. You must first of all discover who you are to freely express it and in the process share what you learn.

There is a moment when you’ll need to take a strong decision how to live your life and what you want it to be. Manifestation comes from ideas and possibilities. You must work towards a redemptive power of making a choice. Lucky you if it’s right and perfect, and if it is not, there is always lesson learnt and the drive to move on with trying another approach to the issue.

Nothing to loose making a choice. Just decide, just believe, just learn and know you can be anything you want to be. Unleash your potentials.


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