“Reality of Motivation and Doubt”

Do unto yourself as you do on to others. Word merchant world over are faced with so many challenges and self doubt. most especially when you are passing through tough times. Many are times i feel like i  am adequately prepared, yet many times i have this hard heartbeat. The door to other annex outside the comfort zone is wide open but it isn’t a work over . When i look at the enormity of daily routine to catch up, i looked up for divine help.

Nothing can be painful when the anticipated result is not as smooth as expected or slightly delayed. Though it is not as if it would not come, but will require hard knock of commitment. The good time and the bad time has periodic interplay  and it may reflect on your mood and disposition.

We all know that life is not a bed full of roses, that is why that unpleasant interlude are part and parcel of a good story. That is the way i see it and i know so also many self motivated people. Where there is no pain there is no gain.

Whatever is the experience today is just a passage. In such a passage, there is no stopping point. It is either you’re voluntarily moving or you are shoved aside  or allow others to walk over you. I discovered that there is no permanent situation in life. We need to keep moving, better if it is forward. Getting the best of what life has to offer.170812-0802


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