“Back To Marina Resort”


Marina as it was then called is one of the points along the coaster region of this West African state called Nigeria where slaves were taken out on ships in a very harsh and deplorable condition. That is actually no news. Apart from the anchor that’s artistically errected here to signify the inhuman treatment, there are relics of slave trade activities such as chains, clamps and other metal objects used by the colonial slave traders who forced the natives to call them ‘master’. That mentality still persist till today. Whenever you hear people saying master, master. They are simply showcasing colonial menatality,(colo-mentality). The building behind the anchor actually housed those relics. The blog will be visiting the museum some other time. This place was where slaves captured from hinderland are ferried abroad. The Efik tribe lives by the coaster area. They were the people that received the missioneries. Their location gave them the priviledge of closeness to the new power and they eventually become the middlemen in slave trade activities. That was how they got prominent which is still being contested till date.


Because of its historical importance. The past government trasformed it to a leisure spot and that’s what it is till today. To save it from hoodlums who then used it as dead end for their nefarious activities. The top building was designed as ampi-theatre but now a standard indoor cinema and incidentally the only one in the city.


Other facilities include hotel, event hall, eatry and a ferry. A must visit for any tourist.


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