“Between Football And Self Development”


What is the best invesmtent available to man world over? It’s your investment in self development. But the reality is majourity of the people does not see it so.

It is only the few numbers that know it and takes steps to equip themselves with the tools of self development.

But there is hope. The fact of the matter is that self development enroute you to entrepreneurship, it’s something to be taken seriously. People today use smart phones though many does not see it as business tools. Time will definately reveal that.

Anytime I looked around, the army of youth are so engrossed into football followership, with so much zeal and knowledge about round leather business. Someone else business at the expense of their own. I see that as a misplaced priority.

The time that is devoted into that, if properly earnested to learning. That will turn them to a value giver, to both  themselves, others, nation and the world at large.

The more time you commit to learning, the more productive you become. And the universe benefit tremendously.