“Leaders and Followers”


Success of a nation is also success of citizenry. We may not need to go too far, the United Arab Emirate of today was conceived by men who saw and knew the big picture. Today we all can see what the oil money can do to make that dream a reality.

In Nigeria, we hadly give those that had done their home work well the opportunity to tackle governance with sincererity of purpose, chance to deliever the common largesse. Instead, we frustrate them because of sectional and selfish interest. The northern part of Nigeria leaders are now at the receiving end of what they started. Their post independent leaders did everything to raise new generation of leaders.

These new leaders were not nationalistic and they lack developmental drive that could create a new nation. They wanted power for the power sake, that benefit none other than themselves. At the national level where politics supposed to be tranformational, and the stake wider. It had been a closed-up business and it still is till date even when power has moved around on few occasions as it is presently. Nothing has changed.

The followers, up north suffered so much in their leader’s hand and we all know the result today.

Today, there are pocket of transformation here and there, but the most important transformation is building human capacity in line with the need of the society with sincererity for a better nation which we will all be proud of. And that start with the leadership. But if they continue the way they are! One day, people will rise up against them and it won’t be funny.

Insurgency in any part of Nigeria shouldn’t have been taken lightly.
We need to be decisive. We need competence, we need a responsive leadership who are proactive and prompt in taking right decision at all time.