“In For A Devaluation Ride”


Devaluation of Naira.


$1 to 186 Naira.ย  It means there is a step downward? Or a step nowhere.

The Federal Executive Council has appproved to import from South Africa 750,000 clean and ‘smart’ stoves for 6 billion naira to be distributed to women. Rural or Urban? A step up on ‘stomach infrastructure!

I leave political issue to the politicians. The whole thing has become comedy.

There are so many powerful peeople in Nigeria with moves not too clear to be understood! (Baba nmogba, tan ba tan e. Koo ma tan ara re). If you’re being deceived, don’t deceive yourself.

Too many conflicting statements. Sometimes I wonder what is the purpose of the “rigmaroling”among the ruling class at center . Pardon me, would not dare sound like the Hon. from Edo with ‘oyinbo kabiti kabiti. (Unsual and hard to be understood grammar).

There are so many racketeering between our banks and black market operators. Imagine a bank where you have domicilliary account and other accounts such as saving and current. If you need dollar to buy to fund your domicilliary account, it’ll not be sold to you. You’ll be advice to source your dollar need from parallel black market. That one no be american wonder? Please I need to make some tea, ‘need to cool my temper’

1st image source: pinterest.