“Seek Out The Masters: For Industrialisation”


I believe we had begin to realise that a nation that has a high productivity base excel well.

In Nigeria, we are blessed greatly with natural resources in solid minerals and oil. That’s not withstanding, our true greatness lies in our productive ability.

Since we depend so much on oil, it’s high time we need to look into productive sector. One of the states that ‘re taking appropriaate step toward that is Akwa Ibom State. The movement of the state from provision of infrastructure is into turning the state into industrial path.


The approach had been sensitization. Letting the people know the importance of our being self sufficient in producing certain items for our consumption and the establishment and sustaining the productivity of such items to readily meet that our need of such products.


Why the need of MASTERS?
They are the ones to train other and show them the way.
A note of warning…….it has nothing to do with CERTIFICATES or qualification. The so called institutions and schools in Nigeria are mostly passage where many people pass through school but school didn’t pass through them. So when such are given responsibility, they hardly get result.

Sort out the masters, make them comfortable to extract the knowledge for onward transformation of the society.

This will really turn thing around for good. The productivity must be constantly all round. Every area, carpentry, welding, fashion, soft furnishing and all other basic areas.

Everytime I look around, I see failure of on the part of our leaders who put so much emphasis on money and aquisition. When they make provision for certain things, it’s never on sustainability. But the good thing is, nigerians are good followers. If they are led to a productive path, the result will be amazing.