“Beyond Face Value:Beware”


What we see today is beyond comprehension. So much confusion on the political terrain. Typical of biblical saying ” The hand of Essau, but the voice of Jacob”

But one thing is very clear…….
Every MARADONIC tendencies will lead to beyond STEP ASIDE.

If “election is not on the table” then what would be?. My prayer for the sitting defacto is to realise that there is a bigger agenda than his by the people who just want power for power sake.

Check this out…..
Somebody was brought out of prison and installed as defacto to make peace with a particular region for the death of Hope ’93 hero and at the same time to have control of him.
And once beaten, twice shy! The installer were beaten to their game in shame. Which brought out the sitting defacto as successor. What he was brought out to lay to rest is what and where he’s being led to accomplish. And almost all the notable in the christiandom have fallen for the bait because of the fear of islamisation.

The silent war of ego and to settle score is on. A change on its own that can sweep sitting defacto aside. Nigerian should beware because the master of devlish game is at work. All heavenly genius should be at alert.

Look deep into the crystal ball……
There are so much fear from south against Islamisation, yet the vice defacto’s campaign is about having more muslim than opposittion?

Who took the born again defacto to IOC meeting in 2014?

In Animal Kingdom, some animal are more equal than the other. The more equal are roaring their head for a pound of flesh and anybody can be a scape goat, sitting defacto inclusive.

image source: pinterest quotes