“Bit Of Dictatorship Is Good Now:Men Of Steel”


President Muhammadu Buhari.

When the head is rotten, the whole body will be destroyed. Nigeria problem will not be fixed from the bottom but from the top. Our leaders by their action and inaction truely lack the quality of leadership. True leadership is servanthood. Their thought and action is about self……go anywhere, the question that confront you is “what is in there for me?” Or for “my tribe, state and region”. Nobody is asking what’s there for NIGERIA? When they do, it’s not genuine but a smokescreen.

I’ll never be in support of any temporal fix. Many of our past leaders new all what they did individually that led us to this result. If they had been good leaders. We won’t have found ourselves where we are now.

Our contemporaries……..that is those that got independence aroud the same time of ours. India, Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia etc. Where are they and where are we today?

Let no one fool him or herself! Apart from pre independece leaders. There had been no one(president). Who’s ready to put his life on the line. Outside late Gen. Murtala Ramat Mohammed, killed head of state who Gen O. Obasanjo took power after . I laugh when supporters raised President Goodluck Jonathan to the level of Ghandi, Mandela and the late American civil right leader Rev M. Luther King. Where did he started? Those are men made of steel. He’s not among!

Let Buhari be. At least for a long time we haven’t got a leader who put fear into those who think they can do anything and get away with it. And those that are doing strong head! Time will tell.


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