“Governance:It Is Not A Tea Party”


Succes of genuine political dispensation is an all round success of any state. It takes a greater commitment of leadership to genuinely serve. Greedy politician will ruin the state in no distant future. Leadership without the interest of the people at the forefront will make the stride retrogressing. No matter the natural endowment of the state. Generality of the people will suffer very hard in the midst of plenty.

Many times, I just wonder at Nigeria’s situation. Life quality had been descending over time, even at the tenure of President Obasanjo. And when he pushed President Jonathan to us . What was expected, was that change to good governance.

But what did we get? Sentiment apart. I felt
anger seeing the nation relegated backward  and its continuos descending. Leading a nation, is not a stage play but a serious thing considering the number of miliions of life at stake. Never a comic stuff but something we can call “between life and death.” The issues must be approached with all seriousness and the leadership body language must be indicative of that.

Taking a nation to the next level is not a tea party.