“A Country At Recession:Nigeria”


Bright or bleak…. It’s  state of mind.

How long would it take us? No one can definately say when we will get to good and vibrant economic period.

Many of us want good time to roll, but are not prepared to put in what it takes. Our past leader are not
structural builder but mere wasters. Recent revelations has shown that they  lack capacity to build for common goal.

Ten months into the new government, economic situation has nose dived. Generality of the people are becoming aggrieved for not getting what they were promised and voted for.

The budget, still hanging  in the Senate yet to be passed. Without which government may not be able to do anything.

I believe it’s in this kind of situation that great nation  evolves and our own should not be different.

So, where do we go from here? Do we keep lamenting or we strive to make the best of our situation.