“Barricaded Mindset”


“There’s a ray but never seen by a closed mind”

The most important thing to us Nigerians is to get our country straightened out. Our National Assembly, so used to the old ways are making fools of themselves thinking they’re fooling us

The era of constituency projects assigned to them by the immediate past is gone for good. That should be left in the hand of the executive arm.   

They doctored the 2016 budget sent to them for the purpose known to them. Hear one of them. “If anyone thinks he can bring a budget to the legislature and it would be returned to him the same, he must be dreaming” their old ways. Is there any honour in that statement? That’s the atrocities  we have said no to by voting CHANGE.

There is gangstaring in the chambers. What is even expected? When the leaderships were highjacked from onset. But never thought they’ll be coming out so daring so soon.

No to corrupt practices.