“The Era Of Whistle Blowing”

So much money stolen and hidden everywhere. The effort in establishing whistle blowing is paying off. Kudos to Federal government. 


11 thoughts on ““The Era Of Whistle Blowing””

    1. 5 percent of loot recovered is given to the whistle blower. The very latest is $20m+, Pounds and Naira. All totaling about about 11 billion Naira. Lots of money. Many yet still uncovered.

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      1. I see!!I see!!!
        Whistle blower not means that The person who whistles!!
        Whistleblower means Accuse!!
        Yes,yes, whistleblower is a most brave !!:D


  1. I saw video,many be starched away money!!
    They hide money in cash?
    Aren’t they going to do it… for example, deposit money in Swiss Bank, exchange into Gold or immovable property…?

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    1. They do that in addition to having something handy they can trow/spend most especially during elections to buy votes. One of the them once said “what money cannot do! More money can.

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      1. Buy votes!! I see.
        In Japan,The politician does a similar thing.because they wants to power.

        What are power and the money necessary for?
        Because, wants to be such a chick magnet.(be very popular with women)!!I think XD!!

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