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“For How Long?”

Learn not to endanger them. They are to live as we are. 

Right of living to animals. 



“Art All Over:Nigeria”

Art all over. The way we are. Resonance of art in our ways of dressing. The President of Federal Republic of Nigeria. President Mohammadu Bushari. With his traditional ‘tajia’cap. Artistic and colorful, babanriga included. While the Oba of Benin in his royal custume of Beads. Uniqueness of Red and White. Not only cultural and quite artistic. 


“Eleshin Dudu, Eleshin Funfun:Emir Of Kano”

A portrait of Emir Lamido Sanusi Lamido of Kano. One of the largest city in Nigeria up north.  When you own colors of horses as in this portrait. It signifies affluence and wealth. It could be likened to several exotic cars in your garage. 

The title means black and white horses owner. This art was displayed at the Kano pavilion during the recent festival, Nafest Kaduna 2017.