“Unending Journey:Blogging”


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Blogging is a lifetime journey. It has no ending, no specify condition that would make you retire from it unless you just let go. It takes you as far as you can go and your ability to learn very fast from other bloggers you interact with, is a strong factor for your growth even if you’re yet to belong to any blogging community.

Being consistent with quality post will bring you closer to leading bloggers, some of which form your early readers. Who will be willing to give you a helping hand. Blogosphere is not a place for bragging but a platform to exhibit humility. Because of the fact that there is more to know than what is already known, we must show serious desire to learn from every blogger. Reason being that there are bloggers who are more experienced, yet with great humility. I have been privileged to meet large number of such and I make sure am very attentive to their words and their ability to appreciate your like, comment, follow and reblogging. I personally feel blogging is a game of number but another school of thougth argue otherwise.

The bigger your traffic, the more your audience and business opportunity. Every like, comment and follow is an action performed by human being. By your niche and consistency, readers should know what to expect from you and it has to be quality and not quantity content. So, we all need to learn to keep abreast to gain deep acceptance. As one become known, focus must be maintained not to loose track. What matter most is the level of interaction that is maintained with fellow bloggers.

Popularity is how lots of people relate with your post. Engagement is how many people care enough whether they agree or disagree to actually respond to your content.
The goal is figuring out what it is that make people follow your blog. What type of post they enjoy reading most. To stick by it and improve on it.

WordPress platform is great with plugins and technical assistance to make your blog journey easier, eventful and result oriented. Happy blog life.


“Completely In Love”

With Blogging.


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Your love has given me voice. That despite the remote tiny corner of the globe where I live, am heard. It’s a great feeling. Your love to me is precious and I will continue to cherish it and strive to be a light that no dackness will comprehend. To be a path for others to follow.

“Unnecessary Killing:Too Many”

To those that lost their life in Nyanya bomb blast at Abuja Mass Transit Terminal few days back and other affected North Eastern part of Nigeria.  And thousand that had been wounded over time.


Wounded on a wheelbarrow. The state of emergency prepparedness!

“As the day break and the Sun shine! Day by Day, the Clock tick- tack so the Heart pound, nurture to embrace the good thoughts we have of those that we hold dear to heart.
So much friction, so much agony, so much loneliness in life. May be as a result of what we caused by our action or inaction or rather what destiny placed on our lap.
The life we live will be more fulfilling when there is love to share” keempres.





“Weekly Photo Challenge:Monument”


Apart from being a tourist destination, Calabar is known for monuments that has cultural, social and historical significance. A building that has monumental importance is Cultural Centre Complex, Calabar. It is the nerve centre of culture, social activities.


The edifice sitted on several acres of land majestically for years but change eventually came which might affect its prominence. A large portion of the land had been puchased by a business concern and the construction of a likely bigger structure is about to start. The land had been encamped and the contruction is about to start in earnest.

There is no clear cut indication of what would come up and how it would affect this historical monument.

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