“Don’t Look For Job:Look Online” Part 2.


One of the most important thing is finding FULFILLMENT in life! How long it take does not matter, until then, the life journey will be tedious. The educatiion we know give you the mindset of someone who after graduation has to look for job with certificate in hand.


The Nigeria Immigration Service had about 40,000 job placement but sold out about half a million forms to job seekers nationwide. What will you call that?. It led to several death and hundred injured. Every facet of our public life is infected with large scale corruption. How long could we keep on like this? Nigerians has a peculiar way of over doing such tendencies.

Don’t be influenced to join the wrong band wagon. Life in job or on job is a limitation. On the contrary, some see it as a safe haven. Good knowledge wiil grant you the right perspective which will influence you on working on your MINDSET. The world like time wait for no one.

You have the responsibility to give yourself a fulfilling life and that lies solely on you. Educate yourself well in all area most especially finance and entreprenuship. People hardy know the difference between investing their time and money, and spending both.

Look at the ‘New School’ and what it offer. Do not think it is a no go area. It where the real knowledge is today and for a long time to come. The beauty of it is, the school goes with you whereever you go. There is no restriction.


“Don’t Go To School,Don’t Look For Job: Look Online” Part 1.



The new school.

Why would you have to go to school when you will not allow school to go through you?. It is a great concern that lot of people go to school without the school going through them. That’s why many comes out half baked. The lecturers and the authority are very exploitative. Everyone involved in the system are indirectly or directly killing it.

The standard had drastically fallen.  Everybody is in pursuant of just the certicate and would do anything to get it. Skill acquisition is getting less fashionable. Infastructure is nothing to write home about. The learning atmosphere is porous.

The result is, so many half baked graduates roam around looking for the job that is not available. It leads to alarming desperation. And the authority takes undue advantage of this, and why would they not?. Afterall they deliberately created the scenario. It can be clearly seen that they want keep the masses down and hungry in order to have absolute control so that they can continue their atrocities unabated. Why must you continue to downgrade, dehumanise and rubbish your life and destiny and embark on a journey that lead most to nowhere?

Pleased read Robert Kiyosaki newest book “Why A Student Work For C student, And Why B Student Work For Goverment.” The collapse of school systems is global because the school system world over produces job seekers. There is a new school, THE INTERNET, it is the platform for the making of real CHANGEMAKER, RAINMAKER and the FISHER.

“Don’t Abuse Your Authority”

So as not to lose your hard earned respect.


When people hold you high up, you have an obligation to serve not to extort. Whom much is given much is expected.

Genuine leadership emanates from committed stewardship. But when leadership comes from appointment, it become a matter of ‘who pay the piper dictate the tune’ andhat will have grave consequence whichever way one look at it.

I am an advocate of servant leadership with greater commitment to the good of all. It become worrisome when the leaders begin to belittle their position by imbibing in act and practise that only benefit their interest and their associate’s, at the expense of the generality of the people. Incidentally that’s mostly the case.

The time for self awakening has come for the led by themselves. It is the only option available for emancipation. The led must realise that selfish leadership will continue to take advantage of them unless they set themselves free from unproductive manipulation.

If you ever want liberty and freedom in every area of your life?. Be ready to do speciality study online via internet. Release yourself overtime to digital lifestyle. It will take you out of the realm of ordinaary and less privileged.

“The Power Of Influence”

The day God created us individually, He created some dignity around us. The first cry of life bring so much joy, excitement and hope that this one is something


to behold and to nurture to growth. Life we live is full of expectation from the parent, society, the world and even God. For, there is redemption that no soul is lost. There are load of task placed on us.

Anyone can become influential or an influencer. If you can influence two or three person around you, you can influence millions around the world. It in not important how you were born or where and who gave bath to you. What is required is your desire to be relevant and by so doing seek knowledge constantly and deeply.

It is a must that we must seek, search and obtain so that we can give back. In support of this popular saying “what goes around, comes around”.ย  Giving freely, sincerely and whole heartedly will make you to become an influencer.

The vehicle is internet and what you need to constantly do is to nurture your profile with smart content to address, solve challenges of others which will eventually make them to like, follow and trust you. This lead to relationship built on mutual respect. So many of the friends will turn to customers.

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