“Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes”


In the late 60’s


Late ’84


Early 2013.



“Don’t Look Back: Move On”


Today. Facebook acquired Whatsapp for whopping $19b. The biggest acquisition as of today.

Whatsapp is loved by everyone for its privacy with about 450 million people visiting the site daily. Started in 2009 with $8 million but today sold for $19 billion. Incidentally. One of the co-founder who is now a billionaire could not get a job either from facebook or twitter in 2009.

Nurture what you have to greatness. And don’t back out because you never can tell where it will lead you to. Believe in yourself

and what you have got. There is no limit.

“Avoid Ponzi Coat Of Many Color”


When you subscribe to e mail, you will get ‘orisirisi’ meaning plenty stuff [ some nonsense ]. As Abami Eda Fela Anikulapo Kuti sing ” different, different fever na i’m dey. Malaria fever, influential fever, yellow fever nko?ย  e dey, original and artificial e dey. Meaning the good, the bad and the ugly is available.

It is a must to surf the web to understand and learn the rudiment, you will encounter “different, different” and if you don’t apply wisdom “na you sabi” meaning you are on your own. Fela continue to sing “Artificial catch you! You be man or woman, na you go catch am yourself and na your money go do am for you”. ” You go yellow pass yellow, you must get double color, battered, beaten and dejected

Greed for easy money without adequate investment will lead you to nowhere. Anybody can sell dummy, it tales the greed of the recipient to take it. How would someone somewhere I never transacted business with tells me ” I owe you money” from where to where?. When I was young, i used to hear this rock n roll song ” when I was a little boy. Mama used to tell any man can be a fool, what will be will be”. Never be anybody’s fool.

Get knowledge. That’s my candid advice to anyone willing to go online for business. Let it be the foundation of everything you aspire to do on the net. Never be in a hurry to make money. Time to seek knowledge must be the initial investment. TIME is that currency. When you get to the point of investing money, you will know. You will not go far if you are covetous. Your journey up there will be very challenging but scalable with modesty. Mind you! “Original and Artificial e dey”

“Touch And Go”


Finger park, Diamond Hill, Calabar. Nigeria.

Online business is a Race, the community is a Race, starting proper is a Race which has a prize tag:- freedom, wealth, seccess, sound education that you could hardly get elsewhere, ability to touch others positively etc.
A race with a set goal as mark to go on the race of life. Go for it, it’s full of fun.

“He who treads softly goes far”

“The Gong And The Fountain”

Calabar is a beautiful city, lies by the extreme of eastern part of Nigeria known aas South South. It has so many first among being the first capital city of Nigeria. A coastal town among the first to welcome colonial missionary. A slave trade route

A leading tourist destination. Formerly a


town where a missionary white lady had to diplomatically influence abolition of killing of twins by tradional native authority who then see twin birth as a taboo. She worked very hard to see an end to twins killing.

The city hosts the yearly acclaimed African biggest street party “Calabar Carnival” that climaxed 32 days Chritmas Festival all through December of every year. The name Calabar means…..Come And Live And Be At Rest.


The city features so many artistic structures all over different spots of the city. The GONG was strategically errected at 11\11 rouadabout and it commanded so much attention. You can’t approach the roundabout without a focus on it.

The CHANGE came and swept it into a corner. Pronto, the Water Fountain replaced the gong at the roundabout and takes away the prominence. That’s what change does. It bring irrelivance to one and add prominence to the other.

Life is all about being proactive in everything we do. We need to plan so that we can get along life fine. In our planning and action, failure will manifest but passion and zeal we have for whatever our calling is will keeps us going in facing those challenges. Never give up, life is worth living and worth living well. There is hope if you strongly believe that you can and you will. Keep going at it.

“The Writer Here: A Reader”


The reader writes, the writer reads but it’s really a bit difficult to develop writting skill even if you’re gifted. You have to desire it and painstakingly nurture it well for the flow to come to reality. That was the reason for my excitement when in 2009, I learnt I could actually own a blog platform to express myself on any issue on how and the way I see it. That dream is now a reality. As of mid 2013, I could not operate a laptop but today the story has changed. Infact my joining multilevel marketing and the willingness to harness the online opportunities had made the desire to learn quite strong.

It is good to take steps to further advance the course of life in any endeavor so desired. Reading ferociously has big advantage in moulding the mind for renewalship. Genuine self development is achieved this way.

Somewhere along the line, I was reading about multiple stream of income and came across this book on “Mobile Marketing”, the writer predicted on mobile devices taking over from laptop and desktop. This is almost a reality today.

I decide to go all out for my desire and by His grace finding a way around it. Taking the bull by the horn, gradually taking steps by investing lot of time to learn and practise and also responding to prompting on how best to go about it. When idea comes, I instantly jott it down. That is how I form my headline though I know the fact that keyword research is essential. Before I dive into that let me task my mind. The more I read the more the mind become broad to see issues from different perspectives

Realistically, blogging is beyond writting and publishing. Reading well makes the mind productive. Tools research on creating visual, infograph, media etc are integral part of having success in blogosphere. All these said are to encourage others to looked deep into this direction to find a way of being part of the phenomenon that is changing the world with speed.

“Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure”


I cherish wood carving. Bought two of this about 25 years back. Carved on it is picture of typical village scenery and lifestyle. Women in the market place carrying palm woven stread basket on their head . Farmer with hoe and cutlass either going or coming from the farm. Royal king on the throne. Depicting traditional lifestyle.

It serves basically as a stool for sitting,  eating purpose or to put a decorative vase on it. Periodically polished to give it gloss effect.

Living In The Now


There are time and there are season. The world keep moving on from one age to another. Civilization, industrial and now infomation age. In the history of human existence, there had been incidental changes that goes along with it.

With internet, information become precious commodity everyone buys. The know how and ‘why’. The newbreed entrpreneur of today merchandise information. How important is this occurrence to you? Would you ignore it or embrace it and learn it. That’s what I call ‘living in the now’. It is a big issue that needed consideration. As the world is changing around us, we need to go along with the positive happenings.

So brace up and believe that you can pull it through. Let your will power for positivity take control over your outlook to life. Jon morrow is a great man. Inspite of his physical challenge, he took absolute control of his life and through that impact on lives of people across the world. I am greatly inspired by this man. By sheer will, he’s blessed and is blessing the world. What about you? Make up your mind to live in the ‘now’. We all need to.

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