“Writing 101, Day Thirteen:Serial Killer 2”


Something very preciouss about the life we live is that it is dynamic and its evolving with new and fresh opportunity coming everyday. And the trend keep changing. It also brings new demand and provision needed to meet the new demand.

The internet is likened to a very big house. The bigger a house the more stocked it is. All manner of things are brought by all the members of the household. 

You can easily find whatt you keep but may take you time to find what others keep. On the other hand, an item that is been sort may be unseen at that material time you are looking for it. But if you are PATIENT.

It’s when you hardly expect that you’ll locate the “missing object” of a solution to a challenge or a purzzle. I found that to be typical of success online and in life generally. Patience is GOLDEN for whoever can do it.

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“Writing 101, Day Twelve:(Virtual) Dark Cloud On The Horizon”

The economic situation is becoming unbearable for the so called average in the society. We hear of fast rising leading economy that acttually does not translate


into larger populace reality. One begin to wonder where are the largesse?

The man: “Haa! I keep thinking how come we arrive here” you can see uneasiness written all over his face. Very deep worry you could say.

Woman: “Am not bothered! Whichever way it goes, life must go on”.

Man: “I agree with you that life will surely continue. One could not but get a bit worried because there is tension every where. Did I even tell you Mama called?”

The class of the society that used to be refered to as middle class is now called average. Hope the greedy system will not further relegate them.

Woman: “Really? I hope she’s not too worried this time around?”

Man: “You can bet she is. She actually think we should be heading back to the west. Afraid of the political trend”

Woman: “I think she has the right to be concerned as a good mother. I strongly believe that God that keeps this nation neither sleep nor slumber”

Men: “Absolutely yes, He would not leave his people. My dear. Come what may, rain or shine. We are in safe hand” 

The image: culled from The Nation Newspaper. A visiting professor lamenting on economic situation.

“Writing 101,Day Eleven:Size Matters”

“Life are in stages, men are in sizes”. And however dark the night is, the morning bring joy!


I was born and bred in Ibadan. Capital of Oyo State of Nigeria. At twelve years. Oh! It was my elementary school days which we called primary school here. So eventful and full of contradictions. Living in two world that are so far and wide apart. The truth is i hardly want to think about it. It was like being raised in Sudan without arm violence. The state of domestic belligerence was not less visible all around my life at such a tender age.

My elementary days exposed me to seeing lot of educated people around me in my maternal grandfather’s house. I partly stayed there because it was close to my school. That was where the foundation for my desire to get eductaion was established. In my father’s house on the other hand, my life was surrounded by intense polygamous tumor. Every where i turned, that was what i saw and knew. As a young boy growing up, I craved for love and the sources available were from my father and my separated mother who had remarried elsewhere, my grandfathers from my both sides. But prominently my paternal grand father.

The peace in my father’s house was like that of graveyard. It was sinister at the same time diabolic. You could the feel intensity like a dry dust hanging in the air all the time.  My father’s family compound was a war ground with antecedent discrepancy. He ignorantly lay claim to a house he built on his father’s land. That was the genesis of the whole problem and that has taugth me a great lesson that anything that has to do with family collective stake. ‘It’s no go area for me’ it simply translate to what’s is our’s cannot be mine.

“Writing 101, Day Ten: Happy Daily Living”


Rice and fisherman soup. Calabar delicacy.

My life is as adventurous as my choice of food. As a typical African man, I may say I am very comfortable with the food that’s tasty and pepperish. That is my way of deriving satisfaction from good food.

Those of us who are not from silver lining background, what we know is staple food prepared in so many ways and taste depending on how its done in the area where you are from. For example rice is very popular. But the way it’s prepared in the Northern Nigeria is not so in the Western Part.

Even within Yoruba nation, they all have their different delicacies. Apart from Lagos that’s like all comer’s place! The Ijebu love ‘Ikokore’…. a typical yam made into porridge. Some have yam or cassava flour made into rolls (Amala) or cassava granules (Eba) eaten with draw-leaf stew (Ewedu) or beans soup (Gbegiri), or both combined (Abula) . Pounded yam and vegetable stew with goat meat or dried fish. These are just few examples.

But for all ocassions however special, RICE must be available with ‘Orisirisi’ all manner of additional, such as vegetable salad, stew, soup, assorted type of meat, fish etc. The meal can even be in form of buffet.

I love all manner of food but with preference.

“Writing 101, Day Nine: Changing Moccasins–Point of View”

The prompt: a man and a woman walk through the park together, holding hands. They pass an old woman sitting on a bench. The old woman is knitting a small, red sweater. The man begins to cry. Write the scene.

Twist: write the scene from three points of view: from the man’s perspective, the woman and finally the old lady.


Ade had not been himself of late, and this happen to be regular occurence whenever the date is nearer. The memory of the day he lost both his parent. Though he was not that close to his father, but the bond between him and his mother was very strong. He was their only child, they both died in a road mishap four years back. He still feel like, it was yesterday.

He almost lost interest in life itself, a rich guy from rich home who is financial wise secured. He is not able to cope with the fact that his parent he cherished so much no longer exist but long gone. The feeling of terrible sadness always encamped him as a result of that. Until he met Janet. Who is quick to realise that her friend is in dear need of support. It took him some time to open up to her the cause of his sadness.

Having known, she made up her mind to be there for him and this developed to deep rooted love coloured with mutual respect and strong affection. So assuring. In his life, Janet’s love and the the sadness he experienced goes side by side. The presence of the jewel of inestimable value brought the ascertainment. ” I am fortunate to have Janet in my life” his thought as they held hands walking into the not too crowded park that faithful evening, both enjoying the peace and the scenery.

For him, all that came to stop as they passed by an old lady sitting on a bench busy knitting a small red swearter,  sadness overwhelm him and he cried. Not seeing his face, the old woman was admiring their closeness, and she smile, thinking in her mind “love is good, and these ‘up and coming’ look like they have it going. But life is a bundle of contradictions, full of sadness and joy running race together” and then she realise he is crying. Her smile disappeared. Turn to pity, she continue to wonder!

Janet, their hand still linked had her focus elsewhere but she felt sensation and stiffness on her hand. She felt something wrong. Saw him crying. She thought ” give him comfort” and embraced him so he could gain control of himself. They approached a bench nearby. And they both sat and held on to one another. He coughed to clear his troat, he began to say “Though my mother was not as old as that old woman there, but the resemblance is so striking. But the real spark is that my mother is fond of knitting small sweater that she believed is meant for my would be children. Because she love and wanted to have chidren but after a long waiting and almost loss of hope? She had me in early fifties. She always knit for fun and her future grand children which she never thought she will not live to see. Incidentally red is her favourite”.

“My mother was from Texas while my father was a Nigerian. Her dream was for all of us to visit Africa as a large family”. He continues “Now that I have decided to lay down my past and embrace my future who is here with me, would you like to be my mother, my wife and my everything?”

Another set of roll of tears dripping, this tme not his but her’s. There was long silence but with a subtle voice “I have been looking for a father since I lost my father to heart attack. Ain’t I lucky to have my father sitting right here with me?” They glued to each other for a long time with sweet kisses. The old woman voice woke them up “This is the sweetest thing I have seen today” and she just walked away. Little do they know that the old woman had actualy left behind the finished small red sweater right by Janet’s side.

“Writing 101,Day Eight:Death To Adverb”


Who says green is not sweet? Whether you are, a vegetarian, vegans or non alike. The beauty of the nature cannot be denied. Nature calls and tell us it’s available, inviting and beneficial. All living being depend on green nature of the world we live in. Full breeze and fresh.

The ground is smooth and well manicured, resemblance of canvas of imagination! Beckoning and welcoming. A play place, joy full level loaded with tank of oxygen. Unlike the mundane steel and concrete. A place to revitalise. Subtle terrain to the feet and soul.

The shade,the tone,the degree, the touch! This beautiful bride provides all. The strenght of the trees and the stamina can only be seen on the copy carpet where such drive could be seen by men of artistry dribbling, chasing round leather. Though there is so much fanfare but the joy and easiness enjoyed on the bed here is more penetrating and soul soothing.

“Writing 101, Day Seven:Give And Take”


The two cities. The relevance of yesteryears and today’s reality. The power and the beauty seems to be changing hand due to impactful leadership of one man knack for uncommon transformation.

Genuine turnaround is always spearheaded by one person. And when that one man assume the mantle of leadership, positive change is inevitable. That is how it is world over till date. That was what Chairman Mao was to China, that was what Obafemi Awolowo was to the defunct post independence Nigerian Western Region. And that is what Chief Godswill Akpabio is to Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria.

Akwa Ibom state was carved out of Cross River State. While they were together, the cross verians and ibomites are friends like enemy. Their rivalry is obvious, loaded with complex. All the good life and development were located in Calabar, the capital city. The people of Cross River always feel superior over Akwa Ibom people. Even after the creation of Akwa Ibom State almost 30 years ago, nothing change until emergence of Godswill Akpabio. He said this in an interview ” when ibom man marry in those days, they have to travel to Calabar to take photograph at 11,11.(about 150 km away). But not anymore”.

The level of infrastructural development brought about by this amiable governor has placed Akwa Ibom State ahead of Cross River State within 8 years, with a margin that may take the later about 25 years to catch up give and take.

Image source: wikipedia

“Writing 101, Day Six:A Character-Building Experience”


When we talk of character building experience, it has to do with leadership development and the best of model of communual excellence worthy of emulation. There is a man that stand out among other men. A man of excellence, an uncommon transformer delievering uncommon transformation. He is Chief Godswill Obodo Akpabio. The governor of Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria.

With less than a decade of administrative commitment. He turned the entire state into mega cities. Every nook and crany of the state was tranformed with solid and state of the art development. He has taken a back State to become a frontline State.


I had never met him one on one but everytime am in any part of this state! Moving on smooth roads and all the infrastructural development around me, I feel so close to this man. I feel like this is a man I’ll trust any day any time. I feel like this a man that has deliever beyound expectation. A man, if requsire my vote, I’ll wholeheartedly give. He’s a man with midal touch. A very large man.

You may wonder why this acolades? It’s simply because, the man deliever on almost all his promises. I am a yoruba man from western part of Nigeria, but I know what good governance is. And I can say that the man has done so well. The kind of development he brought to his people within two terms of four years is amazing because of his drive and his comittment to positive developmental change. All hail one of the best around. Godswill Obodo Akpabio. Governor of Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria as he aproachs his exit as the governor.

Image source: wikipedia

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