“Writing 101, Day Seven:Give And Take”


The two cities. The relevance of yesteryears and today’s reality. The power and the beauty seems to be changing hand due to impactful leadership of one man knack for uncommon transformation.

Genuine turnaround is always spearheaded by one person. And when that one man assume the mantle of leadership, positive change is inevitable. That is how it is world over till date. That was what Chairman Mao was to China, that was what Obafemi Awolowo was to the defunct post independence Nigerian Western Region. And that is what Chief Godswill Akpabio is to Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria.

Akwa Ibom state was carved out of Cross River State. While they were together, the cross verians and ibomites are friends like enemy. Their rivalry is obvious, loaded with complex. All the good life and development were located in Calabar, the capital city. The people of Cross River always feel superior over Akwa Ibom people. Even after the creation of Akwa Ibom State almost 30 years ago, nothing change until emergence of Godswill Akpabio. He said this in an interview ” when ibom man marry in those days, they have to travel to Calabar to take photograph at 11,11.(about 150 km away). But not anymore”.

The level of infrastructural development brought about by this amiable governor has placed Akwa Ibom State ahead of Cross River State within 8 years, with a margin that may take the later about 25 years to catch up give and take.

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“Writing 101, Day Six:A Character-Building Experience”


When we talk of character building experience, it has to do with leadership development and the best of model of communual excellence worthy of emulation. There is a man that stand out among other men. A man of excellence, an uncommon transformer delievering uncommon transformation. He is Chief Godswill Obodo Akpabio. The governor of Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria.

With less than a decade of administrative commitment. He turned the entire state into mega cities. Every nook and crany of the state was tranformed with solid and state of the art development. He has taken a back State to become a frontline State.


I had never met him one on one but everytime am in any part of this state! Moving on smooth roads and all the infrastructural development around me, I feel so close to this man. I feel like this is a man I’ll trust any day any time. I feel like this a man that has deliever beyound expectation. A man, if requsire my vote, I’ll wholeheartedly give. He’s a man with midal touch. A very large man.

You may wonder why this acolades? It’s simply because, the man deliever on almost all his promises. I am a yoruba man from western part of Nigeria, but I know what good governance is. And I can say that the man has done so well. The kind of development he brought to his people within two terms of four years is amazing because of his drive and his comittment to positive developmental change. All hail one of the best around. Godswill Obodo Akpabio. Governor of Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria as he aproachs his exit as the governor.

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“Emergence Of Risk Takers”


Don’t be stupefied at all the happening around the net. One thing to be careful of is running around in circle going no where. Your path must be clearly defined. Bear in mind that true success is not likely to be a straight road but clustered with curves, meandering endlessly like there would be no end to it. The ability to be focused and know for sure that there is something tangible lurking ahead is required. Be determine to follow it to logical conclusion. Where there is no hope, there is no pursuit. And no pursuit, no crown.

There is a school of thougth that argued that you must not be too idealistic about the set goal. Saying much focus on the anticipated change is an admission of LACK. But basically, I believed that lack of focus does not do any good either. There is risk in taking risk as well as not taking. So where is the divide? I think it’s in moderate and balanced disposition towards everything and anything we set our mind on to do. One thing that is certain is whatever you have stepped out into the ring to do, much of you is expected to be put into it. And it has to be on consistent basis.

Time, energy and money is required to sustain it. “Rome is never built in a day”

Image source: Calabar Micro Finance Bank Photo. 

“Writing 101, Day Five:Be Brief”

For all of us voicing our heart out on this platform are just doing one good thing to one another. Deep heartfelt love. A profound foundation for togetherness


and growth. Doing it well is getting the best of it.

Both young and elderly are in comradeship of going to the same destination. A better life and better living with nothing to hold you back unless you get yourself stuck.

I would say this with all sincererity that I am proudly flying with wordpress. I believe it’s same with you?. Because ‘twixt” is to be brief, I take the indulgence to make it personal. I hope you’ll forgive me for it. Happy blogging.

“Writing 101, Day Four: Serial Killer”

It is amazing how time flies. We all know money could be recouped but time lost, definately could not be regained. If lost, gone forever. Life has a way of dealing with each and everyone of us in a diffferent way. Biblically, one would not say father Abraham waisted his time. Far from it. He had to wait working patiently to connect to the promise. Which took a while to materialise.

What can we say of today? We all strive, no matter how smartly or otherwise. If it’s not yet your time, you may need extra grace of patience to keep yourself going in the same direction. Certainly you must be aware of the fact that the path is promising but if for any reason you feel otherwise, then you need to reapraise the possibility of making success of that endeavor.

That is why one has to be objective at all time and be open to new possibilities. Most of the bloggers and writer are motivators but it’s not as if they don’t have challenge. But they simple hold on till the time things get better. And that’s what we keep saying that things would definately change for better with time. Happy blogging.  

“Writing 101, Day Three:Commit to a Writing Prectice”

All my life, I am a musical freak and the kind of music I hear are in different genre and my mood determine what I listened to per time. I like wide variety of music. So it will be too limiting for me just mentioning three. To be honest! I wouldn’t know what precisely to pick. Be that as it may, I will settle for twist but still write about music in my life.


No hold barred? Cool with me though it may happen that some stupid mistake will show up. Please bear with me. Am trying to follow the rule to let loose. Let’s get historical, I can’t know precisely when I came up to know what music is, but I just grew up into it . Not because I came from that background but I know my grandfather was a man that sing leisurely. Being quite close to him, I just had to pick the trait.

I took after him in that area till date. In the days of LP Records before cassette tapes , children of my ages gather everywhere there is barber’s shop because that time the barbers also sell records. I remember I only have to listen to new releases once or twice before having up my head and continue to sings the whole LP. This earned me a nickname called “tatalo si gbegiri anan” means add fresh pepper to yesterday beans soup. Let’s respect the rule, 15 minutes up.

Happy blogging challenge.

“Writing 101 (Day 2): Obudu Ranch”: Belekete”


I was watching CCTV today, the Beautiful China and the spate of massive developments most especially, in the rural area, being turned into cities with infrastructural facilities linking the cities and opening up the entire country.

But here lies similar situation and we don’t know what to do with it.


Belekete settement is one of the community borthering the Ranch Resort and it’s only accessible from the ranch with no linking road. It may take a full day to and fro, for a journey that supposed to take about few hour if there is a road. According to a newspaper reporter who had to face the odd of travelling there. “The enviroment is serene but life is tough. There is hardship. Bekelete is the opposite of affluence enjoyed by the guests at the ranch. ‘There dejection walk on four legs’ the people are helpless. Nature turk them away among the mountains and it’s difficult for help to come to them. The only thing they get enough is the good weather. That’s the relic of corruption.

Obudu Cattle Ranch is the most desired spot any tourist would like to be. A writer would always look for quite, serene enviroment that could aid his or her writing. That is why so many pen or keypad pusher crave for such places. Where the flow of the mind could be greatly enhanced.

Let me give you a glimpse of Obudu so you can have a feel of the mental picture of Obudu and why it’s such an important tourist destination. Obudu is in the northern part of Cross River State. Situated at Obanliku Local Government Area. A hilly top tourism delight. A specially endowed place with climate temperate in a tropical zone of sub-Sahara Africa. Obudu ranch has facilities, such as Ranch Resort, Conference Centre, 9 hole Golf Course, Water Park, Cable Car. Reputed to be the longest in Africa. The resort host yearly Obudu International Moutain Race.

It is high on the table of tourist sites of the state. The mountain top resort/hotel is 5 star accredited. A uniquely cold place with 0-4 degree centigrade. Extremely cold all year round, staying up the hill is living in winter in summer time. By the time you descend down the hill either with the cable car or by road, you encounter hot weather. The road to the ranch is long and winding! A story for another day. Constant visit to the ranch top is like living in two time zone of extreme cold and hot weather intermittently.

Two lifestyle is obvious at the ranch top, of those that need to be served and that of those that serve them. The later lives in the settlements around the ranch. The ranch was discovered by foreigners. Who lived and developed the ranch to be habitable years back. These settlers are the hands that service the foreigners right from inception till their relocation. The previous government of Mr Donald Duke rediscovered the place and because of its special nature, developed it to an International standard tourist destination. The villagers envy so much luxury and lifestlye at the ranch while they live in penury.

Their sentiment became very obvious and that the state government has to creat a buffer for small leverage for the indigenes. Take for example, the yearly Obudu International Mountain Race. Since the inception of that competition, the prize money, US$50,000.00 is always taken by the foreigners, Kenyans mostly. People became disgruntled that while they are suffering, such huge amount of money is taken away by outsiders. So the goverment was forced to create alternative prize for local participants to douse tension and avert security breakdown.

That’s Obudu for you. An exciting place to be and one of its kind. I hope you’ll enjoy the post. Happy blogging. 🙂


Image source: Cross River State Tourism site.

“Blogging U 101 Challenge”

Its starting again as usual and typical of wordpress. I wonder if the team don’t sleep or rest. Where and how do they get the steam and energy to be so forthcoming. Well since am becoming neck deep into this locomotion! I will strive to roll along on top of the wheel that keep zooming like supersonic jet. We have a saying here that when the leaf stick to the soap for long, it become soap.

Many times when I excitedly tell some egg head around me how fullfiling blog life could be. The question some ask is have you been making money with it?, do I care? If and when it comes fine. What I care about is how to nurture the relationship that comes my way via the blog platfom on daily basis, and the true friendship expressed by both powerful and the up and coming bloggers like myself. It is so sweet to know I belong globally and I am not and will never be limited in any area of my life again. What a wonderful feeling of belonging to community on the move.

What could I add more to this than to say kudos to the drivers of this engine for their unrelented  effort and drive to keep me from snoring believing that it will be hot pursuit of words in the next 30 day. But come to think of it! Where is the extra time over 20 min. for editing. The time we normally called injury time? Am hanging off. Cheers.

“Let Your Way Be Rough”


So that the best of you would emerge……! I keep passing through the lane of failure, it has not made me to succumb to that reality. Sometimes i wonder what else is there to be done and yet there are much more.

Living through the midst of doubt,  imperfection and ridicle is not an end to itself, and can never be an end point for me or you. But there is one good thing it does and does well. It made me not to be settled in predicament and in being so, my contenance is alert to the smell of rose and my eyes glued to the possililities that are hidden there in. There are many times I  realise how stupid i feel but I try not to act it.

In whatever we passes through in life, there are great lesson to be learnt. Life may not be fair to us sometimes, but we should try to be fair and love ourselves so that all would not be lost at the end of the day. Whichever ways it goes. Certainly, there will be a bit of strenght left in weakness. That seed of hope is worth digging deep for, for an eventful end game.

I will stand the rigour and the test, and don’t be surprised that the buds full of colours will  emanate to full glare of sweet realities. Life could be long or short! Who knows? But you have the obligation to make it worthwhile. The ocean may be stormy, the terrain bumpy. Your inner stability is a potent force. ‘When the road is not clear: look straight ahead’

Maya, we are just amplifying your left over. Rest well, ‘beautiful lady’.

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