Integral part of Digital Age is Self Development Indusries. Encompassing  products such as e books, dvd, video and audio recording and downloading. Services and training on ‘Keyword Research, Copywritting, Content Marketing, Landing Page, e mail list building, facebook prospecting. These development will never be restricted but instead, will constanly be updating.

That it why it is MANDATORY for you to be part of the phenomenon. Because of ignorance or lack of interest, great number of people refuse to embrace the opportunity. Some refuse to take risk to avoid failure, the reality of life is, FAILURE cannot be avoided. It is either you are failing forward or backward.

“What you need online is on the net”

For those that are willing and ready to embrace the POSSIBILITY (GOD’s nature), these are few steps you need to take:~
*Purchase a smart phone. Everything is going mobile. (On the go).
* Get internet connectivity.
*Take time to learn online. Learning is profitable.
*Create some social media account, such as facebool, twitter, googe+,linkedin etc.
*Develop interest to learn. It is fundermental to your success.
* You need investment of TIME. Learning from digital enviroment require a great deal of time.

Don’t be in a hurry to get rich. If you do, the smart guys will take advantage of you. Learn randomly, with time you’ll know what interest you most and that would probably be your niche. Forbes Global Business and Finance 1998! Published this…..”Thanks to the Internet, small niche companies can reach mass markets in a heartbeat.” In a jiffy.

Be proactive online. It is a life changer.
Would you want your life better in every area? If yes. Then, you must be prepare to SOLVE other people’s PROBLEMS. In doing so, yours will be solved as well. Knowledge acquired will equip you to adding value to market place.
Learning leads to teaching. Teaching leads to learning, sort of roundtripping.

“A Teacher is a Leader, a Leader is a Teacher”
At this point, teaching must be package both for free and for profit. The business end is where the selling start but in a way won’t


look like you are selling.


“The beauty that radiates on the head is the most dignifying”. This simply describe the essence of cap in African Fashion dress sense. The head is looked upon as the king of the body. So, cap is meant to be a crown that sit on the head and it is usually bring out or add beauty to the head. In addition to beauty, it also add elegance to man’s appearance. So also touch of royalty.

It is so important that Royal Fathers, their Cabinets, Very Important People and less privilege hadly attend public function without Crown, Chieftancy or regular caps. It command so much respect for the wearer.

That is why traditional dresses is never complete without a cap on the head. No matter how well dressed a man is, without a cap the outlook is casual. Cap add formal appeal to descent traditional outfit. Not wearing a cap may warrant entry denial in a formal occassion.

The impotance of cap is well documented in Eddie Murphy’s epic movie “Coming To America”. In Zamunda Kingdom, cap is an important aspect of fashion statement in the classic movie. From the ruler to the lowly. They all wear caps even for both casual and occassion. This is typical of African Society in general. partic


ularly in predominant Sub -Sahara region.






E~learning has grown in developed world and is now  growing exponentally in developing societies worldwide. So also the benefit of knowledge. Outside the traditonal network marketing, e~learning is the in thing and it is huge. The concept must be understood properly. It is self determining.

It is based on what the customer want or need and having that awareness before hand. That is exactly what your eduacational products must meet. Beacause the business is huge and competitive, you must maitaing a vantage position.

You must be known for unique products content wise, packaging and how its delievered in the market place.

You must identify who your targets are,
What are their challenges, fear, drive and disposition? If your products or program could address these issues and other that are not enumerated here!, then you are in business.



I am Akeem Bhadmus. Blog’s name is Akeem54. Got started several months back and it was overwhelming. Yet I am determined to make success out of it. Embarked on serious learning from with its help(support) platform.

I am quite aware making success out of blogosphere require seeking adequate knowledge, how it could be done. The team of engineers in the house at wordpress are ever ready to assist, including feelers from social media sources

Blog is made for self expression. Blogger,s thought is openly expressed through documented content that could be valuable to the entire community of online entreprenuer. I am passionate about adequately utilizing all available tools such as theme, plugins, widgets, cookies etc that are there to encourage every bloggers.

Why all these…..?
To create mastery in internet marketing. Sourcing the answers to ‘how to’ and ‘why’, learning how to establish a good and lasting relationship through content marketing to sustain online network business, self development projects, learning and teaching the nitty gritty to up and coming entreprenuer.

Outside these, fashion blogging on african apparell to celebrate the colours and the beauty of such collections is another good reason. The community is wide and open. It is readily helpful. Full of experiences that can be beneficial to the young and upcoming bloggers. I am sure that tapping into the pool of that experience will encourage sustainability

Another area that can facilitate success is provision of budget. Very essential.
Blogging is a serious and lucrative business, in fact the best there can be. All what is required is adequate commitment of TIME initially to learn the rudiment patiently to build great network. Embarking


on a journey of pleasant lifetime from nothing to dumbfounding greatness. I believe any sane person should desire that. But you need a strong and living FAITH.   


To renew is painful but necessary to effect a positive and long lasting change. Eagle is a unique bird amoung others. It has a lifespan of 70 to 80 years to live but at mid~point of those years, it must go through painful renew process. Without which the only option available is death without reaching its peak.

Eagle goes into a seclution to do this. This is similar to a life of man when going through crusible. It is a passage that is not if, but when it has to be passed through. Such challenging period is a testing of FAITH period. The state of man’s mind at such time may have a profound effect on the outcome. That is, mindset. This must be gaurded jelously. There must be clarity of purpose coupled with passion to achieve the set goals

Yoruda people popular adage says “whoever would like to lick the honey from depth of the rock should not mind the shapness of the axe”
Gold become beautiful and attractive after passing through furnace fire.



What is the change you desire? What’s your big picture look like?.would you like to make a difference, be a regular guy or want your life to be outstanding?.

All these questions regulaly prop up on our mind every now and then. Why? Because change we must. It’s a continuous process. Man must aspire for a better life. Life is dynamic and change is inevitable and must be constant for life to have meaning.

When you prepare for change, you might be in firm grip of the situation but if there is no preparation, you’ll have no control when change eventually comes.
How do you prepare for change? One of the major way to keep man in control of the situation is to constantly seek knowledge. It empower man to take risk that lead to quatum leap . Having articulate mind to be able to see far ahead no matter what circumstances look like. Knowledge make man to make life changing decision that will eventually pay off. Go ahead and never be afraid to fail. Because in failure, there is something to learn.





“Content Marketing” is all about being creative” TARA HUNT(follow her on Linkedin).
Humility,hunger,curiosity and ability to be eager to learn will make anyone a good content marketer. Outside of the fact that making use of “keyword research” is very important. It is so, because the people you are trying to reach out to has language you must master before you can effectively communicate with them.

It is also important that you need to study hard by digging deep, come up with something thought provoking. At that stage, you begin to wonder if your content will see the light of the day and where the idea will spring out from. Likewise you really cannot be sure of what will work until you start to develop the flow of mind needed for content writing.

You also need to color you content with emotion for it to have wider appeal and most importantly, the benefit your audience will derive.”Value”, the purpose of content is about building relationship steadily and patiently.


When we talk of love of GOD. It should be based on our faith without which we can not satisfy God. It does makes us to BELIEVE His word. His word never late and it never fail. It is the engine that drive our passion, determination, commitment  to achieving SUCCESS. Because with God, all things are possible. As far as we can see, we can get,  irrespective of any situation or what the present circumstances look like.

In spite of the fact that everything had been made available to man, you must study to show thy self approved.

Age has nothing to do with with blogosphere! Desire it, learn, work it by FAITH.wpid-slide-3-320-1.jpg

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