“I Raise My Cup”


Happy ending to all the bloggers that parrticipated in zero to hero 30 days better blogger’s challenge. Though a bit tasking for the newbie blogger but really exciting and quite rewarding. Personally I appreciate the fact that it has made me a better blogger. Now very committed to blog world and its advancement. The challenge has made me to realise blogging has become my main business that I will want to nurture for the rest of my life.

My involvement in self development project, network marketing, mlm and related marketing strategies. Online real estate will be better enhanced. I am now passionately committted to consitency . Am having great fun and that’s call for sipping


Bravo to all the bloggers.

“DUAL ME: Self Interview 2”

Keempres: Welcome back Keem, how had it been?.

Keem: Great.

Keempres: The shift from from fashion designer to blogging. How come?.

Keem: I attended a seminal on Multiple Stream of Income in 2009. Got some few take home material, a book and a CD. From that moment, my mind never forget it though it took several years of learning and am still learning, but now taking action.

Keempres: When did you leave your comfort zone?

Keem:[laugh] Comfort zone is such a place like any minefield. If you stay there too long, if it doesn’t kill you it will wound you. 2013 mark the end of my comfot zone.

Keempres: And then what?.

Keem: The self realisation that I had actually cross over to the unknown but a certainty.

Keempres: What are the issues at stake at that particular moment?

Keem: The desire to get knowledge abundantly. I picked this from Robert Kiyosaki ” When you get knowledge on anything you are going into, the risk is reduced”.

Keempres: What are the steps taken like?.

Keem: Subscriptions. Infinite hand is bringing needed materials my way.

Keempres: We know that there is so much to be revealed to get insight into this transformation. Are we to expect that much?.

Keem: I’ll be willing to let the cat out of the bag because our personal stories are thing to learn from, the mistake made and other stuffs like about getting our tomorrow b


etter for fullfilling life.

Keempres: Well, let’s keep our finger crossed.

” Media and You: Two Way Traffic (2)”


Whom mush is given, much is expected and welcom. The media had become integral part of upward men and women of today. Not only do we take so much from it but we are expected to give back so others would also benefit. The fact of the matter is, not giving back means you have not gained anything.

Life goes on, time keep running waiting for no one and our situations keep changing. Nobody can afford to ignore social media. The mass volume of data on the net is for consumption by you and me to remold and renew our mind wave. Uploading to our subconscious mind VALUES that are so practicable which if learnt can influence tremendous impact on our life.

The reality of applying these values requires self determination and efforts. It would definately not be easy. Man does fail but principle doesn’t. Applying it judiciously bring positive result that would benefit the recipient and goes beyond his frame to impact others across board.

A true learner will be impactful and it goes with the saying “A learner is a leader and a leader is a learner”. Keep getting it, keep giving it back and the world continue to be a better place.


“Weekly Photo Challenge: Object”


Eleven, Eleven. Memorial Monument in honour and remembrance of British Officers and Nigerian service men who died in 1914-1916 Congo War which extended to Cameroun. The monument is a permanent feature in all Nigeria majour cities. Laying of wreath is a yearly event observed by the government. Federal and States on the 11th of November. That’s the reason why it’s called 11/11!http://wp.me/p23sd-hig

The Most Important Thing: RELATIONSHIP


I realised my little time online has transformed me. I am greatful to all the people I have met and still meeting, the ones yet to be met. The mass of life changers who gives all the time to make the world a better place full of productive people taking their destiny in their hand. Am privileged to be part of that evolution most especially in this part of the world.

The creation of the universe is based on harmony. Between man and nature interdependently. ‘A tree is neither a forest nor a man an island’.

Genuine and strong relationship bring result and increase. It establish, build and nurture to growth. That is what online prospect is all about. It has changed life of legion of people and it’s still changing life. The internet had laid to rest the insinuation that only physically close relationship are better enhanced.

Relationship are built across the global divide with strong care and support. Friendship, bond, trust established without any physical closeness. The barrier completely broken. What it does implies is that we all are globally connected to take the advantage of that connectivity to make the world a better place by being just nice.

leadership by Proxy


I discover to my amazement that internet marketing has a specific standard to follow. Especially email marketing. From content to landing page! So much promptness to take action even if you are not ready. A student who goes to sit for examination without adequate preparation will fail woefully.

The question is! What is the expense of “plug and play” when you hardly know enough of what is needed to form the basis of your learning structure?

Why shouldn’t I take my time to learn and steadily grow into it? Learning to be established for sustainability. There is so much hullabaloo about making money online, though true but the most important benefit is the educational value that cannot be quantified.

You can get to the very top but adequate knowledge is required to be established as an authority. I always advice myself, ‘ there is a rule to the game. Learn it and learn it hard’. It is me and only me to build my life to the fullest. I strongly advice any newbie to go everywhere and learn everywhere online. Many things that doesn’t have meaning initially with time will begin to be clear to your understanding. Decision taken at that time is backed with some level of know how. The risk is reduced to bearest minimum.

“Daily Prompt: Write Here, Write Now”

Today has come with lot of excitement, hope and aspiration of bright , fulfilling tomorrow. As far as we continue to search by faith all things will be settled irrespective of what it look like now.

I am a firm believer in the promise of God that He is already granted. We just need to be strong in faith for us to be able to get to the promise land.

Today is here and by the grace of God, our tomorrow is sure to manifest with colours and speed. Children of God must believe that life and achievement is by grace. And “where there is grace, there is glory and where there is glory, there is manifestation of the sons of God”.

Ours is just to belief. The doer never sleep, never late and never fail. He is the porter’s hand that continue to make greater things better to best. If only we can believe, “All things are possible”.

Whatever it is that we desire, God is bringing it and handling it over to us on a plattter of gold. What can a man do on his own?. Nothing. Man cannot go too far except by the grace he’s granted. Let us all connect to the throne of grace with boldness to manifest as the sons of God which we are. http://wp.me/p23sd-hHr

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