“Weekly Writing Challenge:Power of Names”


“Uneasy lies the head that wear the crown”. Despite that, the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria Mr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has goodluck shaping his destiny all the way. It a test to the fact that truly ,the name we bear has power of influence over our destiny.

From lecture room to vice chairman of a local government. If you have Goodluck Jonathan behind you, there is always antecedent of something drastic happening for your displacement for him to have the number one seat. One hell of a luck. He became the Chairman of the said Local government council.

From there, he was picked as deputy governor of riverine Bayelsa State, in the south south part of Nigeria. Before you could say Jack Robinson, the governor Mr Alamesiye was arrested for money laundering in United Kingdom and pronto. The State House of Assembly impreached the governor and Mr Goodluck Jonathan emerged the Governor. He was the governor less than a year before he clinched Vice Pressident ticket with the then sickly presidential candidate in person of late Alhaji Umoru Musa Yaradua.

About two years into that tenure, the President died for Mr Goodluck to become the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria in acting capacity after so much political horsetrading. After that shared tenure, he landslidely won a fresh four years tenure and already planning for another term come 2015! Would you say he’s pushing his luck too far? Well, time will tell.

Quote of his wife “Na sidon we sidon, dey ask us to be vice chairman, na sidon we sidon, they make us deputy governor.  Na sidon we sidon, they say take Vice President”. Na sidon they sidon, they( those who dey chop with them) dey beg them to do another tenure. A classical case of stroke of luck.   


“Mobility And The Drive”


The tricycle is popularly known as “keke” which means cycle. It may not have the speed of a car but it surely convey whatever or whoever inside it to the destination. Very popular mode of transpotation all over Asia. Sometime when Nigeria want to copy. We copy the least attractive things among many other laudable developmental efforts.


A typical water vendor.

As a nation, we need total orientation (not the lip service) type. From the leadership to the followership. I believe INTERNET should be our focus because of its platform for learning. There are legion of unemployed graduates and non graduates roaming the streets looking for job. This is out of fashion. There are smart intelligent people making legitimate living online and getting smarter by day. If you want to change your story! I recommend this book. You will be amazed.


“How to start your blogosphere journey”


………for self expression.

There are levels and stages you must keep ascending to in your internet journey. As a newbie, when you start to come to meet some terminology. It could or may not make any meaning or make sense to you. That is why you need to persevere to get over those little little initial challenges.

Your blog may suffer redundancy for months simply because you may not just know what to do with it. You must seek help in the ‘support’ of wordpress.com. subscribe to prompts daily, weekly, photo and other challenges. Wodpress.com news and newsletter. You will get to know what themes, widget, headies and all the pluggins means. These would make it easier for you .

It will improve your blog life when you consistently post good content by following instructions how to be a better blogger and create your flow. All what is required is for you to be consistent everyday, week or month according to your laid down plan. Have a blogging calender.

You need to have a set goal before you, to persevere and to empower people in need of clarity and direction to perfect their act. Your blog life must be about building youself and people when your blog begin to attract like and follower. Strive always to learn ahead by consuming more digital and paperback content. You also need to allow technology become permanent fixture in your life, and you’ll gradually be established.

” A Long Haul: A Win Win”


Nothing to lose.
There is this Yoruba adage “Whoever knows the day to succeed may likely know the day to die”

Success is relative depending how you measure it. One most important point is I am most grateful to God for my life and all the blessings….good health,family and opportunities. despite everything life goes on.

In my teen, my grandfather was wonderful and lovely. Being the first child of his eldest son, I was very close to him. Always with him whenever he’s back to the city, Ibadan. From the village where he had his farming business. A successful farmer. Almost half a century after, I still remember his musical prowess. Full of philosophy. Sampler- “Boojo bade e ma ma mun siga o! Olukoso oo gbodo riinan o”. When it rains with lightning, don’t lit a cigarette! The god of thunder doesn’t like smoke. In Yoruba mythology, “shango” is the god of thunder. There is epic movie of that title.

I never knew how it came but I knew way back that in whatever I do or wherever I am, I always want to stand out. I also know that early that success would make you to stand out. I desired it so much and I saw creativity as the vehicle. My first shot was having an outfit called ” Creative Desire”, to “Keem Craft2Wear”, to “Prestige Collection”, to “Keem Prestige” to now ” Keem Prestige Global Success Network”. That’s the new dispensation and it’s by God’s grace for real. This span close to 3 decades with lots of creative commitments.

I have come to the INTERNET with all humility to learn and to do, to face challenges and overcome it. To have fulfillment all through the rest of my life. Dear Lord help me. Amen.

My appeal to my contemporaries and youth alike is to embrace internet and stop thinking it is a future thing. It is today thing, as one of my friend blogger says ” Life Out Of The Box” ( LOOB)

Photo : U LeGuin

“Deep Search:Great Attainment”


At every level you find youself. Successful, not yet or probably you have not seen anything like that in your life! Mostly in our drive and desire for self fulfillment, the pertinent question is who are we?. Who you are?.

In self development strategies, we must embark on a deep study of what man is and what grant him a positive change towards the attainment of destiny. The root, had to be addressed and properly diagnosed to achieve a leadway.

We need to constantly check our bearing. How do we fare in the life’s journey?. Is the stride well enough or we need to check out other issues relative to our steady growth in every area of our life. So as to thrive well at the highest level.

The question is ‘where do we go from here?’. Why, because there is always room for improvement in life generally. As human being who has so much power within us to offset positive changes, we need to not relent in appplying those power to make our situation outstanding. I mean all round. With aspiration, prayer is needed to back it up and meditation is required to settle into the reality of that desire. It’s spiritual but a neccessity, a contact point for the “keys to be handed over”.

Watching the movie documentary ‘The Secret’. So much is revealed how there is emission of what goes on inside us. A negative emission attracts constant negativity while positive emission attracts profound positivity. What law of universe bring to you is what constantly goes on in your mind and brain. Attraction magnetism.

It could be called the ‘secret’ or ‘keys’…The reality is everyone need to aquire it to secure his or her place in destiny. Many a time, the gift of man is not fully utilised. It’s proven that we hardly use up to 10% of the gift entrusted to us and there is every possibility of carrying the rest 90% to the grave.

The only solution to avoid this occurence is, be humbly open to seek knowledge in diverse area of life. Let me emphasize this fact. Internet has provided all encompassing knowledge that will make you a better living being. Your choice to accept that is your ticket for your outstanding stay on this planet earth.

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