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“Patience Is Golden,


The path to success
Is the pathway of HOPE,
It’s the pathway of FAITH.

When the result may not
Be easily forthcoming,
You will need these two.
Success is followed with
Mind and corresponding
Action in motion.

It doesn’t need to be speedy.
But the motion must be
Steady and consistent
Afterall Rome wasn’t
Built in a day.

A major acquaintance
Is failure. Unavoidable!
Every encouter
Bring out a better you.
A better you worth more
Than the former you.

Give and take,
The learning curve
May take more than
Anticipated. But continious
Learning you must
For the emergence
Of a worthy leader.

A good thing that will
Stand the test of time
Need patience.
Because patience
Perfect and mould.

The end product
Is certified

Go for it

“Patience:You need load of it”


A cup of coffee can be taken steaming hot! But not a hot plate of fish pepper soup or #isiewu. A full goat head pot. You need patience. “Pele pele”. Gradual or bit by bit. In reality, That’s how to build a greaat thing that will last long.

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